Boombox Cartel Returns: And With Quite The Ammunition

The electronic dance music duo, Boombox Cartel, has become quite the power house in recent years with heat such as ‘B2U’, ‘Aftershock’ with Nghtmre and more recently ‘Supernatural’.  Just a week or so ago they went silent on social media after turning their social media profile pictures and headers plain black accompanied with this tweet:

After 19 days, Boombox Cartel re-emerged by first tweeting this tweet:

followed by a list of tour dates and a lead up to a new single that dropped today, just a day later.  These guys are nothing to sleep on and are definitely rising stars that will for sure be in the limelight in no time.  Please take a minute and enjoy this brand new track, ‘Jefe’, that is downright filthy.  Be on the lookout for The Cartel in the future, after all, they never left in the first place.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more just like this to come!


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