Illenium On His Second Breathtaking Track of the Year

It’s very hard to be up to date with electronic dance music news and not come across the name Nick Miller, otherwise known as Illenium.  The melodic bass star from Colorado has received nothing but praise since the release of his first album over the summer of 2016 entitled Ashes.

Since that release Miller has toured and seen some of the biggest stages in the game, including Lollapalooza of last year in Chicago, which is where I saw him first.  In late 2016 Miller featured in the track titled Rush Over Me along with Seven Lions, Haliene and longtime collaborator Said the Sky and just under a month ago he released his first track of the year, Fractures.

Today Illenium does it again with Feel Good as he’s featured with Gryffin.  This track hits with Illenium’s classic melodic roots and resembles his sound heard in in his album.  I have a feeling that I will be covering more from Illenium in the following months of this year, especially due to some comments made in interviews recently regarding the production of a sophomore album.

Please enjoy Feel Good and feel free to browse around and enjoy some of Illenium’s other tracks. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and more from his website here.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more just like this to come!


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