Boombox Cartel, Heat Incoming

The popular duo, known as Boombox Cartel, appear to finally be releasing a long awaited EP.  The two have been surrounding themselves with mystery recently prior to dropping two hard-hitting singles that seem to have been teasers for what’s to come on this EP.  Jefe and Alamo have been reportedly played in concert by artists including Major Lazer and have been well received by the Cartel’s fanbase.

Boombox Cartel tweeted the date that corresponds with this Friday, April 21st, last Monday without much else for fans to speculate.  Due to their recent releases, though, we were able to assume it would be the date of yet another release of some kind.

Shortly after their mysterious tweet, just yesterday, Boombox Cartel took to social media once more in the form of a Facebook post and picture with the caption “Cartel EP dropping Friday”.

It looks like we have a presumably hard-hitting, trap based, hopefully melodic undertone Boombox Cartel EP within our grasp and I for one am extremely excited.  I will definitely be listening to the EP as soon as it drops and will be taking to the blog to give my opinions on it.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more just like this to come!

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