Zomboy’s New Track Will Break Necks

We’re back, and with some seriously heavy stuff here.

Modern dubstep icon Zomboy released new track entitled “Young & Dangerous” today on Soundcloud in preparation for his new EP, Rott N’ Roll.  Zomboy’s hard dubstep tracks are always enough to make fans want to headbang until they have severe concussions and this track is no different.

“Young & Dangerous” is filled with a catchy, mesmerizing vocals from Kato including a buildup featuring a chorus that will make you want to sing along.  The chorus leads right up to a deep, headbang-inducing drop that will shake homes down to their foundations.

The use of both hard dubstep and the calmer bridges featuring more of Kato’s vocals give this track a certain duality.  The vocals and calmer instrumentals give fans a slight break to pop an Advil before commencing their headbanging once more.  Two things are sure about this track: it goes hard as f#%k and we will be hearing it much more from now on.

“Young & Dangerous” is out everywhere on Friday, July 14th.  Listen to it here on Soundcloud.

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Stay listening!


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